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Gregor TarjanGregor TarjanFlo TarjanGregor TarjanGregor TarjanGregor Tarjan
Gregor Tarjan‘s 25 year professional background include his active involvement in the 1986 America’s Cup, a USCG-100 Ton Masters License, a degree in Yacht Design and Art History, which all contribute in providing exceptional service to clients.
Gregor Tarjan is not only passionate about sailing multihulls. He has participated in the most prestigious car endurance races.
Flo Tarjan has helped her husband throughout the years in growing Aeroyacht and has been a loyal supporter to all ventures, such as boat shows, vessel preparation and customer service.
Gregor Tarjan is a certified, New York State licensed Yacht Broker a member of SNAME (Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers) and YBAA (Yacht Brokers Association of America).
Gregor Tarjan, founder of Aeroyacht has a highly respectable sailing record including 3 transatlantic crossings. He has also designed the award winning Aeroyacht 110 supercat as well as the Alpha 42 cruising catamaran.
Gregor Tarjan’s founder of Aeroyacht is considered a leading multihull expert and has published 3 important reference books.