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McConaghy MC55 catamaran multihullMcConaghy 55 multihullMcConaghy MC55 catamaran multihullMcConaghy 60 catamaran Miami 2020MC55 McConaghy 55 luxury sailing multihullMcConaghy MC55 catamaran multihullMcConaghy 55 multihull
The McConaghy 55 is the newest model in the extensive McConaghy Multihull range
Trademark spray-deflecting, axe-bows are part of the high-tech Grand-Prix style sailing experience you get aboard the McConaghy 55 catamaran
The NEW McConaghy 55 multihull. Fast, Sexy and Luxurious.
The MC60 sailing at windspeed off Miami
Welcome to a new type of fast sailing. In total luxury and safety.
The McConaghy 55 catamaran. Your luxury space capsule. Grand Prix Style sailing and comfortable living in one.
Drone could hardly keep up with our McConaghy multihull. Shot in the South of France in 17 knots of True Wind.