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Neel trimarans have won multiple international media awards as well as transatlantic sailing races.
The Neel 45 Evolution. Fast and strong on passage and roomy inside. The perfect getaway machine.
If you like single-handing, then the Neel 45 is the multihull for you. All reef and control lines come back to the single helm.
The famous “Cockloon” (cockpit-salon) is a convertible space that can be closed in adverse conditions but opens up when the sun shines.
Cast off and leave land behind... at 17 knots. The Neel 51 trimaran rivals the speed of some of the world’s best race boats – sans crew.
Just like a proper racing trimaran, the Neel 51 multihull flies a hull reducing wetted surface and resistance.
Gatherings on the flybridge deck of the Neel 65 trimaran quickly can become a party. Or simply cast off and sail solo enjoying the expansive space by yourself.
The Neel 65 trimaran has one of the largest outside cockpits in its class. Just look at the large sliding doors!