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The outside living space of the Neel 51 trimaran is larger than the one of a 100’ monohull…with the added benefit of flat sailing and stability at anchor.
Just like a proper racing trimaran, the Neel 51 multihull flies a hull reducing wetted surface and resistance.
Cast off and leave land behind... at 17 knots. The Neel 51 trimaran rivals the speed of some of the world’s best race boats – sans crew.
Cast off and leave Where can you find a cruising multihull that sails at double digit speeds with a master suite on the main deck? The Neel 51 trimaran is the only one.
The famous “Cockloon” (cockpit-salon) is a convertible space that can be closed in adverse conditions but opens up when the sun shines.
The world’s first multihull with a “basement”. Machinery, systems perfectly placed. Wine chiller optional.